Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Congratulations Anise & Milton on tying the knot May 10, 2014!!!

We had the opportunity to photograph Anise & Milton on their special day of vows as well as the party time afterward.  Not only did Anise & Milton get together but their extended families really get along and vacation with one another.  Now that is some match!  You can click on this link to  see their beautiful video.   Enjoy!



Monday, May 5, 2014

Highway 60 Salt River Canyon - White Mountain Apache Reservation

Pinina’s Birthday today.  We went to White Moutain Apache Reservation and Show Low Pinetop area.  Here are some shots we took from the car as we drove on US 60, Salt River Canyon.  Such a great bridge and the highway snakes around the mountains and surprises you at every turn.  Enjoy a few things that moved us along the way.  

Here is a beautiful shot of the bridge by sign saying: Entering White Mountain Apache Reservation at Mile Marker 293.

Same bridge & highway 

Some kind of observation building by the bridge - taken while we drove by

Cool design on the bridge - also taken while we drove by 

Wow look at this building by the highway - history still standing!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Good Morning!
Yaakov & Pinina here - we wanted to share some recent photos of “Buni” who is a GREAT rodeo gal at age 8.  She is dedicated, works hard on a regular basis which has earned her the winnings in a tough sport.  Her kindness and special personality shine too as you can see in a number of pictures scroll through them all – enjoy!