Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 3, 2014


But that’s not all…  Walter, being the mindful man that he is, proposed first to Meghan’s 7 year old daughter Selah.  He wanted her to give her happy permission for him to ask her mom’s hand in marriage!  (How great is THAT?)

They were gathered at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix, Arizona.  First Walter took a little stroll with Selah and then presented her with her own little ring and got permission to marry Selah’s mom Meghan.

As you can see Selah was happy, Meghan got proposed to and accepted and Walter is the finest match for the two of them making a beautiful blended family of three that show kindness and love to one another.

Here it is on a mini video for you to see their happy faces enjoying their special moments.  We were honored to be able to capture it all.  Click this to see their engagement video and feel free to send them congratulations on our facebook page: 

-or- view them on Molho You Tube Channel: